Our Founder

2nd Opinion is a brainchild of our founder Surabhi Mukherjee who is having entrepreneur mind set and having good relationship in the market, specially her all friends and colleagues. Most of the time if any of them is going to take any financial decisions they must seek her opinion without fail to reassure themselves. But as and when they took few unfavourable financial decisions without taking her in confidence they get cheated badly. Latter she go all out with them by extending her support to make those decisions correct, some time by approaching companies some time taking outside legal help. She took nothing for all the effort which she is putting, but when she this issue as a broader way and go deeper into it she understands this is a big issue in market.

Since last 2 year she as well as her many of friends start getting fraudulent calls from call centre (Brokers and fake advisory companies) every time they put very rosy picture while pitching their investment product. After every call she start cross checking with exact product of the company in detail and ultimately found these are fake call’s, even she come to know many regulatory bodies (RBI, SEBI, IRDA) publishing and broadcast regular alert via their print & digital media campaign to stop such nonsense.

Finally, she decided whatever knowledge and information she able to gather in past few year basis what she gave her expert view to her close group, now the same must be open for larger group considering others (who will be associated with us) also able to take right financial decisions without any preoccupied mindset. Surabhi believe “let the money work for you “

Our Promoter Co-founder

We really appreciate our Promoter & Co-founder Hon’ble Shri D.K. Gautam Ji who is having great experience in financial field & also have analytical approach toward taking any financial decisions. He is having great entrepreneurship skill as well, currently running his own start-up Sharda Polytech (Automated Cement Bag manufacturing unit in M.P.) the same start-up met it’s break even within 3 years and make it debt free plant as well. Also, he is one of the valuable business consultants of M.P Birla group. When Surabhi put this concept before him he said “Surabhi because of shortage of time I could not do that else I would love to do the

same because I come across many of my friends and colleagues who took unfavourable financial decisions (basis rosy picture advisors were showing) and ultimately they lost their hard-earned money” He immediately buy our point and allow us to go ahead with this concept wholeheartedly.

We thank full for his kind heart without his support mentally and financially we would not be able to serve for you all. Before go ahead he only requested us, Guy’s moto should be customer centricity not the profit, I am ok we make lesser money in this. We all promised him to adhere the same forever.

Our Digital Marketing champion

Sumant Bhattacharya who is again seasoned professional working with many MNC’s, during his long 20-year service he was been in to training, IT& digital marketing. We are fortunate to have his digital marketing assistance who actively participate in our digital marketing campaign in social media.

Our Business & Investment Consultant

We appreciate Mr Bharat Parmar who agree to join us in this noble journey, Bharat is one of the well-known names in the financial market in central India, almost every fund house recognising him as market expert. As far as his investment philosophy, he believes that it is “time in the market” versus “timing” the market that determines investment success. So, people are dying heart fan of his accurate and meaningful recommendations, they follow him blindfolded. Bharat will help us to design portfolios and review clients existing portfolios as well. He is master on this many clients left their 10–15-year-old reliable advisors and handed over their portfolio to Bharat within no time he starts making profit by realigning investment strategies. He deals in …...!! Mutual Fund, Share Trading, Corporate FD’s, Bonds & designing individua as well as trust portfolio. He is acquiring more then 2100+ clients in last 7-8 years.

IT Head

We proud to have young IT professional Anshul who is managing all IT services and provide back end website support, also he is start working on our mobile app which can be run in both the platform Android & IOS. He is working so hard since we asked him to get our website in place and simultaneously he start making mobile application which we can launch very soon for our all the clients.

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