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In India we largely make our investment decisions basis sentiments, our known investment advisor’s recommendations, from our friends & relatives and some time from strangers as well when they offer very lucrative but unrealistic or exceptionally high return option in our way but with high risk. Also sometimes we take obligatory investment decisions suggested by our Banker, Broker, CA or Tax consultants.

But we came to a conclusion after spending some good 15 years in this business that every one (commission or brokerage-based model advisors) sell only those products in which they are making more money rather than putting their client’s interest first. It leads not only to loss of clients hard-earned money but also a breach of trust.

We as a team strongly believe we should have a platform where we do not directly sell anything rather we give you a 2nd opinion (unbiased opinion) on every suggested option by any of your traditional advisors, bankers, brokers or tax consultants. Here our intention is very clear which is to make you aware of what is right and what is not right for you as far as an investment decision is concerned.

We run our business on fee-based income and not commission-based income and hence we do not directly or indirectly associate with any companies or brokers. We have a team of very few one or two selected & expert advisors in each city and we offer product from different companies which are best suited for our customers. Even if any of our clients want to oblige any advisor of a particular company then we will suggest the best product available for that particular company as well.

Our Founder and Co-Founder strongly believe people need this kind of platform as both of them have vast market experience. They understand that commission or brokerage-based advisors barring few exceptions which every industry has have never ever put their clients interest first. So both have decided to serve their investors by giving genuine and honest opinion which they call their 2nd Second Opinion.

our endeavour is not to sell you yet another financial product but help you with a complete customised solution and guide you in your financial journey.

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